More than three decades of creating award winning landscape designs throughout the world.


Landscape environments for resorts, spas & hotels.

Working across a diverse range of climates and cultures, locally appropriate plant palettes, design themes and artwork are integrated into designs catering to the particular demands of each market and operator. Different climates require different design directions. Combining hardscape, artwork, waterfeatures and plant material to create memorable, inviting spaces for guests is always the goal.

Most importantly, the landscape of each destination should not only be unique but reflect the cultural attributes which attract its guests.


Site planning and landscape design for residential property developers.

Careful site planning not only maximizes salable units but adds value by ensuring that each unit capitalizes on the site's attributes and design features. Balancing the often competing sales, marketing and financial goals to create optimal designs is the goal.

With a focus on streetscapes, entry features, common areas, recreational facilities and sales model units. creative solutions help developers position their products.

Avoiding flat, cookie-cutter designs and creating custom solutions ensures unique projects.


Landscape design for golf courses and golf clubhouses and their facilities.

Golf projects involve not only reinforcing the golf designer's strategy but placing the course within a landscaped environment appropriate to its location and market.

Clubhouses and their facilities require careful integration into the overall community as well as coordination of staging, circulation and cartpaths. 

Creating a landscape environment for each course which reinforces the strategy of the game, balances safety, views and maintenance while integrating the clubhouse within the course.