Contemporary Design in a Tropical Setting.

Working closely with an actively involved owner, James Nicolay maintains a longstanding working relationship with the project's owner and was responsible for the landscape design for both the golf course and its clubhouse. Both the project's owner and golf course architect were active collaborators in the design process.

The clubhouse, set well back from the ocean, enjoys a long vista over a lake, with the sea beyond. Its landscape was designed to feature colorful tropical planting, primarily of bougainvillea and bromeliads imported from Thailand. Elsewhere water parterres are filled with colorful water lilies.  The building's sunken parking area is filled with Raintrees, protected from the regular typhoon winds by its sheltered setting.

The golf course landscape was designed around a three-part palette featuring coconut palms and seaside plants exclusively at seaside holes and fairways with views towards the ocean. Where holes played towards to mountains, dark green trees rather than palms were to be used. Intermediate areas were to have been planted with canopy trees and bougainvillea. At the owner's request, bougainvillea was used throughout the course, more palm trees and fewer canopy trees were ultimately installed.


LML Plant Palette.jpg
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