Homebush Bay Aquatic & Sports Center.

James Nicolay led a team of landscape designers in the preparation of designs associated with facilities constructed as part of Sydney's 2000 Olympic Bid.  In addition to being venues for Olympic events, these areas were designed to be used as recreational amenities after the Olympic Games.

A landscape design narrative of "fire & water" - key components of Australia's unique landscape - was prepared by the design team. Native plants and aboriginal paving patterns were used throughout.

Two major features were constructed as part of the bid -  athletic stadiums which was utilized as the warmup area for track & field events and the aquatic centre, which was used for swimming competitions.  In addition, the site for the centerpiece of the 2000 Olympic Games - the stadium - was site planned and prepared.  

As the site for the Olympics was formerly stockyards and an abattoir, numerous mature Moreton Bay Fig trees were  heritage features which had to be protected & moved prior to construction of the stadium. Moving some of the largest trees ever in Australia and creating the "Fig Tree Grove" was part of the project.