Medium density housing in landscaped settings within Chengdu's most desirable community.

Lowrise Condos & Townhouses

Affordable by a larger group than villas, owning a lowrise condominium or stacked townhouse is greatly sought after by Chinese buyers. Luxehills has established itself as not only the premier residential address in Chengdu, but attracted residents from China's largest cities as buyers sought refuge from increasingly crowded, expensive and polluted areas.

This is especially true for buyers desiring golf front or golf view units with communal landscape areas.

Working closely with the development team at Wide Horizon, James Nicolay was responsible for the site planning and landscape architectural design of more than two dozen separate residential development precincts, including several four to seven story areas featuring condominiums and stacked townhouses.

Residents of these lowrise areas prefer "villa-like" grounds and units with garden and/or golf course views with privacy from neighbors. Responding to the ever-evolving market, each residential product was fine-tuned and customized site plans were prepared by Mr. Nicolay to create the most valuable, livable  and marketable communities. Creating appropriately landscaped communal open spaces and integrating parking, emergency vehicle access and recreational facilities were key elements in the design of each. While the most desirable units faced the golf course, internal units required comparable landscaped areas as marketing features. Responding to  Chengdu's humid, overcast climate, creating landscapes with naturalistic waterfeatures, cascades and lush ground-level plantings became paramount. Similarly, using deciduous trees to allow light penetration into units without sacrificing privacy was desired.

The site planning of multi-family areas of Luxehiils focused primarily on creating attractive, inviting spaces with adequate privacy while maintaining high Floor Area Ratios without fully basemented carparks or on-structure landscaping. 

Ultimately, Luxehills is a residential community development, and selling lowrise condominiums and townhomes remains the client's objective. By working closely with the developer's team, Mr Nicolay helped to create design solutions which enabled units to be sold at substantial premiums consistently. The success of the project is measured not only in the regular and almost immediate sell-out of each residential area, but equally by the high occupancy and popularity residents enjoy by living in this community. 

In addition to the financial success for its developers and the satisfaction of its residents, Luxehills has garnered more than forty awards - from architecture, landscaping, golf to community planning, marketing and operations.