Thai Character in a Riverside Setting.


Throughout the 1980's James Nicolay was the landscape architect for original Shangri-La Bangkok as well as overseeing the design of its Krungthep Wing Expansion.

At the time of its initial construction, Bangkok was a lowrise city, almost devoid of highrises - and the Shangri-la was the first highrise building built along the Chao Phrya River, necessitating a landscape built atop piles and designed to allow settling. The garden area was conceived as a sheltered oasis overlooking the river while turning its back on the bustle of the city.

Designed around a large existing Raintree, a series of traditional Salas overlooked the river, with the garden areas extended on piles into the river.  Throughout both original garden areas Thai plants and design details were incorporated. 

The pool and garden areas have been remodeled in the decades since.