Luxurious spa extension celebrating the apex of traditional Thai history & culture in an urban setting.

Planned as an extension to Bangkok's renowned Sukhothai Hotel, its new spa wings featured additional guest rooms, retail, dining options, new swimming pool and a multi-part outdoor spa garden.

Reflecting the existing hotel's streamlined, modern architecture, the landscape design of the spa extension continued using historic forms from Thailand's Sukothai period, particularly references from the 13th & 14th century ruins in central Thailand in a contemporary setting.

The spa gardens feature several massage pavilions for both singles and couples, a meditation labyrinth, plunge pools, a watsu pool and separate male and female garden areas,

The existing hotel's formal, rectilinear layout and black-tiled pools are continued into the extension area, with a lateral pool with fountains creating a foreground to a traditional Thai sala. The swimming pool itself features a raised infinity edge as it needed to be designed to sit atop an already under construction basement carpark. At one end a waterwall and sculptural with sculptural niches forms a feature. Alongside the edges of the pool are four miniature stupas modeled after ruins of the Sukhothai National Park.

In keeping with the character of the ruins, the landscape features were designed to be built of traditional laterite stone.

Although fully documented and partially constructed, the project was abandoned and sold due to a change in priorities by its owners.