Heavily Themed Attraction showcasing the World to China's fledgling domestic tourism market.

Designed but unbuilt, the Yalong Bay Cultural Theme Park was an attraction planned to showcase various cultures of the world in garden settings at a time when Chinese tourists rarely traveled outside of China.

The project featured an eclectic mix of themed garden attractions creating exotic, photogenic backdrops for tourists arranged around a lake. Reflecting Hainan's tropical climate, nearby cultures from southeast asia, , the caribbean, mexico and the pacific islands were arranged along a pedestrian path. Three  pedestrian bridges were designed to enable guests to freely wander between exhibits but also to showcase each pavilion and garden from a distance to compliment the 'up-close' views displayed within each of the garden areas.

Key to the landscape design was creating a series of hardscape elements for each garden but also individual plant palettes reflective of each culture. The Mexican palette featured Washingtonia palms, Agave & succulents; red bougainvillea in terra cotta pots. The South Pacific palette featured lava rock walls, yellow spider lily, coconut palms and a footbridge with rustic railings cut from Vau branches. The Malaysian pavilion featured a miniature tea plantation on the hillside and mangroves and Nibong Palms on an island. The Thai garden featured a large Naga stairway and the Balinese pavilion featured multiple Bales arranged around a water garden with carved fountains and Kamboja trees (Plumeria), lotus and water lilies.

Fortuitously, the project's developer recognized the fast-changing economy and halted construction as Chinese tourists began travelling abroad in early 2000.